Whether you have a playful baby kitten or a sweet dog that is getting up in years, Loop Veterinary Hospital has a wellness package designed for your pet! Just like people, at each phase of a pet’s life there are different health needs. The cost of preventative medicine is always less expensive and more effective than treatment once an ailment begins. The caring doctors at Loop Veterinary Hospital have designed our health and wellness packages with the prevention of common pet issues in mind.

When your puppy or kitten is very young, spaying or neutering, as well as proper vaccinations are among their most important health considerations. Dr. John and Dr. Angela Bentley recommend spaying or neutering all pets not to be used for breeding purposes between four (4) and six (6) months of age. A spay or neuter not only prevents unwanted litters of puppies or kittens, but can help your pet avoid certain health problems as they begin to age. Loop Veterinary Hospital offers a full-line pharmacy with the most advanced vaccines available in veterinary medicine, and these are a crucial part of our young animal wellness package. Heartworm preventative in both dogs and cats are is equally important in our young pets, and our veterinary hospital has the safest and most effective products for your pet as well. Additionally, our experienced veterinarians will recommend flea, tick and intestinal parasite control that are appropriate for your pet and their living conditions. As your pet matures from a puppy or kitten to a young animal, vaccine boosters and continued heartworm and parasite preventatives will still be very important, and other health considerations are included in Loop Veterinary Hospital’s wellness packages. Even as young as one year of age, pets begin to need regular dental care both at home as well as from an experienced veterinarian. Our caring doctors and staff will clean and polish your pet’s teeth, and teach you the best methods of cleaning at home as well. Nutritional counseling is important as your pet continues to grow to determine which food and proper quantities are right for your pet.

By the age of five (5) in large breed and seven (7) in smaller breeds, your pet is considered to be a senior animal. Many of the same things that humans face as they become older can also develop in your pets such as diabetes and osteoarthritis. At this phase of their lives frequent visits may be in order and blood work may be a part of their senior workup. At Loop Veterinary Hospital, our doctors can run your pet’s blood work in our lab at the clinic, meaning you get the results during your visit instead of having to wait for several days for the information to come back from an outside lab. Blood chemistries, complete blood counts, electrolytes and thyroid levels can all be completed at Loop Veterinary Hospital.

Remember that just like people, pets needs begin to change as they grow from small animals to senior pets. At Loop Veterinary Hospital, our caring and experienced doctors have a wellness program for your pet regardless of their current age. Call Loop Veterinary Hospital to schedule an appointment for your pet today!