Diagnostics including blood work, and radiographs (X-rays) are important in human medicine, but are invaluable in veterinary medicine, as pets cannot explain where they may hurt. Loop Veterinary Hospital offers on-site x-rays to help our experienced doctors make accurate and expedient decisions so treatment can begin quickly for your pet, if necessary.

The radiograph system at Loop Veterinary Hospital is used to diagnose fractures and strains on the skeletal system, as well as organ dimensions and growth, heart size and even internal bleeding. Dr. Angela and Dr. John Bentley take the information provided from our x-ray unit, and can quickly respond to the needs of your companion.

Loop Veterinary Hospital is pleased to offer advanced diagnostics capabilities for your pet, right here at our hospital. If your pet has a condition or injury requiring an x-ray, please call one of our experienced team members for an appointment today.