Did you know that Loop Veterinary Hospital maintains a complete pharmacy, right here at our hospital? If your pet has a medical need in the Mobile, Alabama area, our fully-stocked pharmacy allows our doctors to begin treatment immediately, without having to wait to have medication delivered to your precious pet.

The medications at the pharmacy at Loop Veterinary Hospital are priced very competitively with online pharmacies. Additionally, many drug makers offer free product or rebates when you purchase a specific quantity of their products; these are services not normally available online.

Another important fact is the products you purchase from Loop Veterinary Hospital are guaranteed by the drug manufacturer to normally be safe and efficacious for your pet. Online pharmacies do not typically purchase their products directly from the makers of the drug, therefore the manufacturers of the product cannot guarantee if the product was handled properly and is still safe and effective.

Dr. Angela and Dr. John Bentley attend numerous educational conferences and lectures across the country to ensure we carry the safest and most effective pharmaceutical products available in veterinary medicine. You can count on competitively priced products that carry the manufacturer’s guarantee when you purchase medication for your pet from Loop Veterinary Hospital.