One of the hardest ailments to treat in an animal is pain. In the past many people, including veterinarians, thought that pets felt pain “differently” from people if they hurt at all. Fortunately we have a much better understanding of how our four-legged friends feel pain, and it is very similar to people. At Loop Veterinary Hospital, our caring doctors and staff always recommend pain prevention medication prior to surgical procedures, including a spay or neuter procedure. We often recommend medication prior to surgery to reduce or prevent pain during the procedure, as well as post-surgical drugs to ease their hurt and allow them to heal quickly. Surgery is not the only way our dogs and cats can face pain. Just like humans, chronic pain such as osteoarthritis can set in as they age, making it difficult for them to play and get around as they did when they were younger. Fortunately there are long-term medications that can be prescribed by our doctors for your pet to give them their quality of life back. If your pet is facing a surgical procedure or you have noticed a change in their behavior, call Loop Veterinary Hospital and have one of our doctors determine if pain management is appropriate for your pet.