Most everyone understands how important a proper diet with regulated portions are for people, but did you know diet and portion control is just as important for our pets? Some of the same issues that occur with overweight people can also be found in animals, including diabetes heart conditions, as well as joint and mobility issues. Nutritional needs also change over time as animals begin to age, or develop issues that can be minimized or eliminated with an appropriate diet. The experienced veterinarians at Loop Veterinary Hospital can develop a nutritional plan for any stage in the life of your furry friend.

Puppies and kittens require substantial amounts of protein to properly feed their growing bodies. As they begin to mature and change, their dietary needs change with them, and Dr. John and Dr. Angela Bentley will determine what foods are best for them.

Food allergies are another reason to have your pet’s diet evaluated at Loop Veterinary Hospital. We often see dogs and cats with itchy skin that can be attributed to a certain food consumed by the pet. Our experienced doctors can help determine if their diet may be the issue, and can suggest food alternatives if allergies are to blame.

Whether your pet is a puppy or kitten, is a mature pet, or you have a furry family member with food allergies, you can count on the caring veterinarians at Loop Veterinary Hospital to select food that is appropriate for them. Call one of our compassionate team members and schedule a nutritional counseling appointment for your four-legged friend today!