Heartworm disease is one of the deadliest conditions treated at Loop Veterinary Hospital, and yet is generally preventable in both dogs and cats. Heartworms are transmitted when a mosquito bites an animal that is infected with heartworms, and then bites an uninfected animal, such as your dog or cat. The heartworms mature in the body of the newly-infected animal, and cause numerous deadly conditions in not only the heart, but also the lungs and arteries.

At Loop Veterinary Hospital, we have the ability to run an accurate blood test to determine whether or not your dog may be infected with heartworms. The test used in our hospital can allow our doctors to determine whether or not a dog is heartworm positive during your office visit with us. Dr. John and Dr. Angela Bentley follow the American Heartworm Society recommendations of testing all dogs on a yearly basis. It is also important to test if you have not given heartworm prevention to your dog as recommended, or have adopted a dog of unknown heartworm status.

It is always less expensive and more effective to prevent heartworm disease than it is to treat the disease. Although treatment is generally safe, there is a level of risk involved, and your dog will need to be kept sedentary for a number of weeks during treatment. Unfortunately there is no treatment available at this time for heartworm disease in cats, so prevention is crucial for both indoor and outdoor felines.

Dr. Angela and Dr. John Bentley attend numerous lectures and educational events across the country to ensure the medications we carry are the safest and most effective in veterinary medicine, and heartworm prevention products are no exception. For your feline friends, we have a topical solution for the prevention of feline heartworm disease. Our canines have options including oral, topical and injectable heartworm prevention. Our experienced doctors can help you choose a product that is right for your dog, based on your lifestyle together.

It is important that you begin to administer heartworm prevention as soon as your pet companion comes into your life. Schedule an appointment with one of the experienced veterinarians at Loop Veterinary Hospital, and have your dog or cat protected against heartworm disease.