Have you been looking for a compassionate and experienced pet groomer in the Mobile, Alabama area? Fortunately, Loop Veterinary Hospital offers a professional grooming service, right here at our clinic.

Pets need to stay cool in the warm and humid climate here in Mobile, and one of the best ways to accomplish this is to keep their coats neat and trimmed. Cuts and trims to specification are also available from the grooming staff at Loop.

Does your pet have allergies or a skin condition that causes them constant discomfort? Pets with allergies can often benefit from frequent and medicated bathing, which is also available from the grooming service at Loop Veterinary Hospital. Regular bathing is also available as well, to keep your four-legged friend looking and smelling their best!

Grooming appointments can fill up fast, so please call ahead to schedule a grooming time for your pet. Loop Veterinary Hospital is not only your full-service veterinary hospital keeping your pet healthy, but your grooming stop to keep them properly groomed as well.