Owning a pet means so much more than simply providing adequate food and clean drinking water. Did you know that taking care of your pet’s teeth is every bit as important as it is for people? Imagine how your teeth, gums and mouth would feel if you did not brush or visit your dentist regularly. At Loop Veterinary Hospital, our experienced doctors will not only exam your pets mouth, clean teeth and treat disease, we will also educate you as a responsible owner on how to keep your pet healthy through proper dental hygiene. Dr. John and Dr. Angela Bentley have many years of successfully treating the dental needs of the pets in the Mobile, Alabama area, and they will bring this same compassion and experience to your furry family member as well.

Studies indicate nearly 50% of cats and 85% of dogs show signs of dental disease over the age of four. Why is this important for you to know as a pet owner? Harmful bacteria can build up in your pet’s mouth and spread to other organs including the heart, liver and kidneys, which can decrease the lifespan of your pet as much as 25%.

To get your dog or cat on the right track, Dr. Angela and Dr. John will begin with a dental exam. Once all the teeth and gums have been thoroughly evaluated, our doctors and staff will clean and polish your animal’s teeth to remove the tartar and plaque which is filled with bacteria. Gum disease will also be addressed at this time and appropriate medicines will be prescribed as needed. After the dental exam and any necessary procedures, you will be shown different ways to keep your pet’s teeth and gums as healthy as possible at home as well. This may include teeth cleaning kits, topical medicines and even healthy treats aimed at killing harmful germs on teeth and gums.

Proper oral hygiene is one of the foundations of the overall health of your furry family member. If your dog or cat is due for a dental examination, or if you have never had your pet evaluated, please set an appointment with one of the caring team members at Loop Veterinary Hospital today!